Download of future "unwanted" transactions

tbrit Member
I set up automatic entries of monthly expenses using the All Bills and Deposits feature with the status of "auto" or "upcoming" for all these payments. I prepare payments for these transactions online through BofA bill pay functions. The download of these transactions works fine.

Expenses set up in Quicken using the same All Bills and Deposits function AND which are also set up on the BofA site as "Auto Pay" always download 1-2 months of future transactions. The transactions status for these BofA Auto Pay transactions show up as "repeating" in the Quicken Bills and Deposits window. The "Review my accounts for reminders to suggest" option is DESLECTED and the option "decline all suggested reminders" is greyed out and not available.

I do not want the Auto Pay BofA repeating transactions to download future transactions. HOW DO I PREVENT ALL FUTURE MONTH REMINDERS FROM DOWNLOADING?
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