Vanguard Settlement Fund bank transfers and dividends

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My Vanguard settlement fund VMFXX is within a brokerage account only used for cash transactions in and out of the account.

A bank transfer of $10,000 out of VMFXX is shown in the Transactions window as Type: Sell, Invest Amt -10,000, Amount +10,000.
A second transaction with the same date appears as Type: Payment/Deposit, Invest Amt: 0, Amount -10,000
The transaction register would be much easier to read if I deleted the "Sell" transaction, and left the payment/deposit line, which reduces the balance. Would this create any problems with the account?

The second issue is how interest/dividends are shown. For example, the interest/dividend for 12/31/21 is shown as Type: Reinvest Dividend, Desc: .1 shares @ 1.00, Invest Amt: .10, Amount: 0 The Balance does not increase. If I double click on the transaction and change the type Dividend Income the Amount changes to .10 and the Balance increases by .10. Should I just edit each of these transactions changing the type to Dividend Income?


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    Figured this out by adding the Cash In and Cash Out columns to transaction register. The Balance column represents the cash balance for this account. Bank transfers for Vanguard appear as two transactions described in my original post.

    For the second issue, dividends when reinvested in a money market fund appear as Add shares, as also described in original post.
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