Reallocating split amounts for multiple transactions with the same payee

pratener Member
I would like to revise my 2021 monthly income transactions from a payee. The income is to be split three ways, and it varies by a small amount each month. I would like to allocate fixed amounts to the first two categories and have the small variations occur in the third. I cannot find a way to do this with a single edit. It appears I must modify each one individually.


  • RickO
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    There really isn't a way to do this. When you change the transaction total, Quicken will create a new empty split line to make up the difference. Then when you enter the corrected amount for the third split line (so the split lines now total up again to the new transaction amount), Quicken will remove that empty split line. So it takes two edits: (1) change the transaction overall amount, then (2) change the one split line that is different. I don't know of any way to cause it to work with just one edit.
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