Can't Review Bill Pay Transaction

I have a bill pay transaction that has cleared though the bank and reconciled but I can't "review" it.


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    The white envelop icon indicates that Quicken thinks the transaction has been sent but not yet processed by the bank. But the transaction is cleared and reconciled, so it's in a contradictory state. This happens occasionally when communication with the bank somehow gets out of sync. I'm not sure why it happens.

    To fix this, you need to tell Quicken that it's no longer a pending bank bill pay transaction. Here's how: 
    Select the transaction, then while holding down the Option Key on the keyboard, click menu Transaction > Delete Transaction (or the Delete button on the register toolbar). You will get a window like this:

    Click Set to Manual in this window. The white envelop icon will go away and be replaced with an orange pencil. You should then be able to Mark Reviewed to remove the orange pencil icon.

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    thank you
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