how do you do reports for separate accounts

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my savings account went in as a separate account. How do you do reports for that account


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    When starting to create any of the standard reports, click the Continue to Customize button. (Or if you've already created the report, click the Edit button.) You will see a customize window like this:

    Click the Accounts tab, then the Select Accounts radio button. In the panel below, you can select or deselect individual accounts or account groups to be included or excluded from the report. You will find the Separate accounts group at the bottom of the list.

    Does that answer your question? 

    It sounds like possibly you are not happy with your savings account being separate. If you'd like to include it among your regular accounts, click menu Accounts > Hide and Show Accounts. When that window opens, find the account in the list and uncheck the box in the Keep Separate column. 
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    Thank you so much. You answered both questions. I did what you said and it worked perfect.
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