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I am curious if this is a situation for others - once a week, I use One Step Update to download and update transactions for all of my accounts. Most of my downloaded transactions will be a 'match' since I manually entered the transaction in Quicken myself.

What I run into, and the purpose of this inquiry - transactions that were downloaded, synched and cleared last week will download again. At this point, they will always 'match', since I already downloaded and accepted the transaction. This will happen for several weeks before the transaction will finally not be in the download.

As an example, I add an entry for Amazon, $30.12 in Quicken, associated to my bank account. A few days later, I run One Step Update and the Amazon entry picks up from download against my bank. I accept the entry (it shows as a match). A week later, I run One Step Update. The same Amazon transaction is downloaded from my bank, shows as a match (it is not listed or entered as a duplicate entry). I accept the transaction. Another week later, same situation. This will occur for several weeks before the transaction no longer shows in the downloads.

This occurs for all of my credit cards and financial institutions.

I want to say that years ago, when I ran the One Step Update process, downloaded transactions were accepted and cleared, and they would not show again in the next One Step Update.

Is this just a standard situation with Quicken now?




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    Hi @TJMagee222

    What is happening to your datafile is not a "standard situation" at all.  And apparently you've been seeing this behavior for more than a year, which is very strange.  But, in order to try and make some sense of what is happening, you'll need to give us more information.

    Please tell us which versions of Quicken and Windows you are running; also the method that you use to download transactions (Direct Connect, Express Web Connect, or Web Connect (this last one is very "hands-on" - where you download a file from your financial institution and then import that into Quicken).  I assume that yu are using your bank to make the payments as opposed to using Quicken's bill payment service.  Also let us know if it is just one bank involved or more than one.

    Once you've given us more information we'll do our best to assist you.



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    Here are my details: Quicken Deluxe version R38.29, build Operating system is Windows 11, but this also was an issue with Windows 10 (the Quicken Help > About shows 'Windows 10 Home'). My connection method for all accounts is Direct Connect.

    I simply use Quicken to track financial information. Meaning, I don't use Quicken Bill Pay. If I make a purchase, such as my Amazon example, I add it to Quicken myself. Then, once a week, I run a One Step Update - this will synch and match with what I enter, and I'll also find new transactions that I have that I didn't manually enter in myself.

    I only have two institutions where information is downloaded from, at this time - Bank of America and AMEX. This situation happens with both institutions.
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