Connectivity issues when trying to refresh auto connect accounts.

I am connected to the internet, but when I try to refresh my various accounts, I get a connectivity error message. I have gotten this in the past and was able to find information regarding resetting a safari setting that fixed the issue. However, I can't find that info again. Any help is appreciated!


  • mrrossol
    mrrossol Member ✭✭
    Hmm. Computers don't need browsers to connect to other computers (e.g. your computer/quicken to a bank's computer. Browsers hide and automate a lot of the technical things that happen to make connections when you are browsing the Internet, but Quicken should do all this stuff w/out a browser. I guess I would try getting online using a different router; if you have the same error say, when you logon at your friend's or neighbor's house, then it likely is something related to your computer. Good Luck! Martin
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