I recently returned to quicken after years away and there are 2 reports that Quicken does not provide which are essential to planning and I don't understand how these are not available.

1. There is no way to run a report that shows prior months ACTUAL and current/future months with BUDGETED amounts. This is a basic needed report to show the impact on prior months over/under budget on the annual expected outcome. The main annual budget screen tries to do this but fails and is confusing

2. There is no way to run a cash flow report that starts with beg of the month cash and rolls cash to the end of each month within a budgeted period so it is clear if there are cash shortfalls during the year. ideally, this could be done on a weekly or bi weekly basis as well but i would be happy if i could just do it on a monthly basis. I realize that budgeted amounts would need to be assigned to weeks (not just months) for this to work on a timeframe less than a monthly basis.

All and all i just find the budgeting portion of the software to be cumbersome and not useful. the software is great for tracking prior expenses but forward looking usefleness is limted in my opinion. might have to go back to excel for forward looking projections which is dissapointing.
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