SOLVED: Charles Schwab Sync + 'zzz-' Issue for Mac

I'm on Quicken Mac Version 6.5.3 (Build 605.42687.100) and MacOS 11.6. Long-time Quicken user with account updates from Charles Schwab. Have spent December, 2021 and January 2022 with sync issues and being repeatedly asked to reconfigure the sync every time I wanted to sync. Undoubtedly, there were updates along the way, but after 5 separate chat sessions, finally found the solve. Once the sync stability improved (more accurate), the issue was deemed a residual 'zzz-' descriptor in a non-sync'd account. And, oddly, the account showed in 'Edit' mode that it wasn't connected (so, connecting and disconnecting it didn't work either).

Open your Quicken. Then go to top menu: Quicken > Preferences > Connected Services > and press the 'Reset' button in the Cloud area of the dialogue screen. It takes a minute to process, so give it time. Once done, close and reopen Quicken. Click on the circular icon that updates your accounts - and yes, it will ask you to reconfigure like you've been doing. Do that, and then go back to the unsync'd account with the 'zzz-' and go into Edit mode on it and click on 'Downloads' tab. There you'll see the account is now considered connected (hasn't been in the past) and click Disconnect. For me, that finally got rid of the 'zzz-' designation on the account (which is not editable otherwise), and I no longer get the dialogue to reconfigure Schwab when I click on the account update icon!
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