Cancel transaction entry should NOT leave a saved empty transaction

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There should be a way to cancel entry of a transaction in one keystroke.

Currently, if you are entering a transaction and decide you want to cancel the entry, it requires three steps to do so: press Escape (or the Cancel button in an investment transaction) to cancel, then press Delete, and then press return or click Delete on the delete confirmation message.

Instead, pressing Escape during entry of a transaction should simply delete the incomplete transaction. It should not require the user to abort the entry and then take the additional step of deleting the saved empty transaction.

The saved empty transaction serves no purpose. If you want to do something else, deleting the empty transaction is an extra, unnecessary step; if you want to try the entry again, it's just as easy to press New Transaction as it is to edit the empty transaction.
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  • lhossus
    lhossus SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    This is definitely high on my "fixit list".

    The original post describes it well: there is no significant benefit to leaving the empty transaction hanging around.

    I would go so far as to say that this is unexpected behavior. Other Mac applications do not behave like this.

    This behavior leads to the occasional discovery in my registers of an empty transaction, which I then have to to determine if it should be deleted or if I somehow failed to complete the entry of a transaction.
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