What is the significance of creating a "business" in Quicken..??

I've been using Quicken H&B for many years.  I have always used tags that I create myself to tag transactions related to a specific business.

I just recently realized that if I click into the Business tab at the top of Quicken, and then click the little drop-down I can create new "businesses".

When I do this, it seems to create a "business tag" but this tag doesn't show up in the same list as other tags.

The documentation doesn't really say much about this other than it will use tags to generate reports accordingly.

Is there anything else going on when using these "businesses" besides using tags?  What's the difference between a regular tag and a business tag?  

If I already have business accounts setup and I've been using tags accordingly, is there a way to link these to a new "business" in Quicken?  Right now when I try to create one it just tells me I can't because there's already a tag with that name.

Any info or a link to more detailed docs on this subject would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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