unexpected behavior when converting currencies

Bur Davis
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I have two brokerage accounts:
1. set up for USD
2. set up for CAD

I entered a cash-out transaction to transfer USD10k from acct 1 to acct 2. IRL that converted to CAD12.8k on the date of conversion.

- The value of the two accounts before the transaction was $100k.
- The value of the two accounts just after the transaction was $102,436.05.
- There had been a negligible change in conversion rate (pennies) since then.
- fwiw, the transaction was entered manually.

I would understand if the difference were 2,800 (in calculating net worth with accts of different currencies, quicken might just add the balances together), or if the difference were effectively zero (somehow quicken maintains currency conversion tables). But why this screwy amount of $2,436.05?
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