QFX importing but not updating

drice Member
I can successfully download the QFX file for my BOA bank account and using a text editor I can see that the year of data is there. But when I import it to Quicken nothing is updated. Do I need to reset something? It is quite a bit of data to retype. Thanks. -Derryl


  • Tolchard
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    I have the same problem
  • RickO
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    There is a known open issue on this: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7905187/ongoing-2-1-22-qfx-web-connect-files-not-importing#latest

    Here's a (albeit time consuming) workaround:

    1. Create a new Quicken file (menu File > New) and choose start from scratch
    2. Name it something unique (e.g., Transfer File)
    3. (optional) move the file to your Desktop to easily find for deletion later (menu File > Move To)
    4. Create a new account for the troublesome bank. Name it something different than your existing file's account. 
    5. Download the missing transactions from your bank's website in a QFX file. Import this QFX file into this new account in the new Quicken file.
    6. When you have all the transaction there, export to QXF (menu File > Export > Quicken Transfer File (QXF)
    7. Open your regular file (menu File > Open Recent)
    8. Import the QXF (menu File > Import > Quicken Windows File (QXF)
    9. Now, with the new account in the regular file, select all the transactions.
    10. Drag and drop all transactions to the existing account.
    11. Delete the now-empty new account.
    12. Delete the new file you created.
    (Note that QXF in steps 6 and 8 is a Quicken Transfer File, which is different than QFX.)
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  • drice
    drice Member
    Still having the same issue. Can't get past step 6. The bank files aren't updating the new Quicken file either. Only get the current month, subsequent imports do nothing.
  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @drice Are you saying that step 5 is successful and you can get all the transactions into the new temporary file? It sounds like you are saying step 5 is only getting you one month of transactions in the new temp file? Are you sure you exported more than that from the bank's website. You can open the QFX file in a text editor and while it's not easy to read, you should be able to tell how many transactions are in the file.
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  • drice
    drice Member
    It was the same issue with the new account. Would not import more than the current month regardless of how many transactions were in the download file. I had to call support and we had to turn off the cards and bank account and redo them in the new account, export them into the regular acct., and copy and paste between bank accts. Not very intuitive. Hopefully that bug is fixed in the next update. Thanks for your help.
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