Quicken HBR - Why can't I do a basic Tenant Statement with Late Charges? [Edited]

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Seems like a basic thing and not sure why I can't see to do this in the Quicken Home Business Rental application?

Late Charges should be setup, then be automatically billed w option to override.

Statements - Rental and Landlord statements should be easy to produce.  I should be able to setup automatic statements to be emailed or manual mode where they can be reviewed before sending.

Just seems way to hard to produce?   I had to do a report by tenant name and the create a hand report adding late charge and calculating amount due. 

 I should not have to do that with this version of Quicken.


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    Hi @BRETTB

    Unfortunately, I can't answer why Quicken doesn't have a feature that calculates late charges relating to rental properties.  But I can confirm that this feature does not exist in the H, B & RP version, or any others.

    I agree that the calculation is fairly simple to do. You might want to start a new "Product Idea" post requesting the feature here in the Community.  Here's a LINK to that section - LINK.


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