Sync'ing Merrill Edge into Quicken Mac

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I'm moving from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac, trying anyway. The data conversion botched en route was a real mess requiring lots of manual clean-up. So if you have a lot of Quicken Windows data, get prepared for lots of manual data cleanup. But then I hit a dead end trying to get Quicken Mac to sync to my Merrill Edge account. Never had a problem on Quicken Windows.

Here's what worked for me in the end:

1) Disconnect any existing Quicken-Merrill syncs from Quicken Windows

2) Use the "Merrill Lynch Investments" Quicken Mac connector "Direct Connect" method (do *not* use the MerrillEdge connector on Quicken Mac, Quicken support person had no clue what it even was??) and set up sync

3) After #2 fails to find the Merrill Lynch Investments account, login to website and you'll see a popup allowing you enable Quicken on the account. You then have 10 minutes to get Quicken Mac to sync

4) Redo #2 and it should work

Hopefully this note saves someone else some time.
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