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I want to sort my customer list so it's alphabetical. But my customers are listed in some kind of order that I can't figure out. A client named Success Strategies Advisors is at the top of the list and another called Be Strong is down in the middle. What category do I need to fill out on the customer form so the list is shown alphabetically?
Also, it seems like after I edit a customer and click OK, the whole list goes away so I have to go back to the home page, click on Business and then Customer List. And I can't just open the list; I have to open "add customer" and then cancel the blank form. This is not real convenient. Am I doing something wrong?


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    Are you asking about the Address Book? You can sort it by clicking on Payee column. You can access from the Tools menu.
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    Add Customer is a quick link into the Quicken Address Book which does bring up a slightly customized Add Address Book Entry with "Group=Customer" and "Include in Customer List" already selected.
    To work with existing entries select Tools / Address Book instead of Add Customer
    It is not necessary to add a new customer to the Address Book first. When you create the first customer invoice for a new customer just fill out the Bill-to address information. It will automatically be saved in the Address Book.
    If you use these functions frequently you can add one-click icons to the Quicken Toolbar for easy access to "Address Book" or "Add customer"
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    Thanks - that worked.
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