How to remove closed / gone accounts from dashboard?

When I open Quicken it starts on the dash board. In the top left is the Bill, Income, & Transfer card that lists activity that is coming up. Two of the accounts don't exist anymore. I can't even find them in closed accounts. They are the two circled on the attached picture. How do I remove these from the list?


  • Jon
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    That looks like a Windows screenshot, not Mac. 

    On a Mac, you'd click on the "..." on the right for each bill and select "Delete Series" from the popup menu. I assume it's something similar on Windows.

    Do these accounts not appear on the Bills & Income tab?

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  • RichJS
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    It is windows. Sorry, guess I wasn't paying attention. The accounts do not appear on the bills and income tab / calendar.
  • UKR
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    Using the gear icon in the Bills, Income & Transfer view select "Manage Online Billers". You should be able to see the online bills referring to these closed (credit card) accounts. Click the triangle in the Actions column and click "Remove".
  • RichJS
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    Ugh!!! so close. Errors out saying "Quicken is unable to remove this bill. You cannot remove a biller with pending payments. If you have a pending payment for this biller please wait until the payment has been processed or cancelled before removing this biller" Going to search the bill history, maybe its buried in there someplace. Thank you
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