The date was changed on a reconciled deposit

I download transactions for my accounts almost every day. For the bank account in question, I use Express Web Connect. On 1/12/2022 I downloaded and reconciled a Social Security deposit. Tuesday, 2/8/2022, I downloaded transactions again and upon attempting to complete reconciliation, my balance was off by $841. Social Security deposits are credited to my account the day before they actually post to the account. In order to complete the reconciliation process, I changed the date on the deposit scheduled for 2/9/2022, saved the change and completed reconciliation without errors or any balance adjustments. Yesterday, 2/9/2022, I downloaded transactions again and the account this transaction is recorded in, was flagged as having transactions. When I selected the account, there were no transactions to clear. Today, 2/10/2022, I downloaded transactions again and noticed on this account that there were 2 deposits for $841 dated 2/8/2022. The deposit transaction from 1/12/2022 was no longer there. I checked my system generated backup CURRENT-R-38.26-2022-02-03.QDF-backup to verify the original posting date and amount.
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