How can I change the "target" budgeted amount?

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I'm a long time Quicken user, but new to budgeting. When I create a new budget Quicken populates it with computed budget "targets" for each category. I've read that I can change those amounts but I can't figure out how. Please help!


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    In the Planning tab, I find it easiest to select the Annual View.  There you can either enter the amounts you want in the planning grid. Or, if you select a category you will see some icons to the right of it.  Using the gear icon there are several options for entering data.  Depending on your situation any of them can be useful.  For example, with a category budget where the monthly amounts are the same you can enter it in January and then have it copied to all of the other months.  Or, if the amounts are different each month you might find "edit yearly budget..." an easy way to enter the amounts.

    Edit - Oops...just noticed you are on a Mac.  I am using Windows.  Mac may be different.
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    In the upper left corner of the Budget window, below the big "Budget" header there's an Edit Budget link that will take you to an editing window where you can alter your budget.
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    Thank you for your prompt replies.
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