Error cc-508: Download from a Bank of America Biz Account

I discovered that the reason for a cc-508 error while setting up a connection with my new BoA biz account is that Quicken is not allowed to have access to a biz account via direct connection. Only QuickBooks. There only way to go about downloading the infos from a biz account is via file download from the account at BoA and then upload into Quicken. I have mentioned that this approach from BoA is too assolutistic since for small biz or startup you don't need quickbooks to manage your activities but the customer service mentioned that all this is above her pay grade and here we are. I think only by having Quicken working with BoA small biz we will have a more modern solution.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    You should be able to set up Express Web Connect if they won't let you use Direct Connect. Make sure you're using "Bank of America-All Other States" as the FI name.

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