Error reauthorizing Capital One 360 account (CC-501)

Can we re-open this thread? I am completely unable to reauthorize my Cap one 360 account. Historically, this has been a problem and seems to be a problem again with Capital One 360. I am not keen to make a new account with a new name this time. Can you just fix the issue with Cap One downloading of transactions?


  • Jeffrey Wilens
    Jeffrey Wilens Member ✭✭✭
    I was finally able to reauthorize 5 Capital One 360 accounts that share a login.  It worked for 2-3 weekly downloads.  But today it failed with CC501 error.  There was a link to this page which says contact customer support.

    I will try again to do the express web connect+ tomorrow and then contact support.

    Why are you reauthorizing?  Did the downloads stop working?

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