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Have been using Mileage Tracker since 2011 using Business and Rental Property Manager. All my entries for my single rental were TYPE "Rental Property" along with "Property Name" with the name of my property. I also track TYPEs "Medical", "Charity", and "Other"

Today I found that ALL my rental entries have changed to TYPE "Business" and the Name column is empty. Other TYPEs are OK. The drop down for property edit still has my property name selectable.

The only thing that happened out of the ordinary was last night. My tax report had numerous "**Unspecified Rental Income/Expenses** for all my rental stuff, so it didn't export data to TurboTax. The fix I found reading internet was to put a tag on the rental itself via RENTAL PROPERTY > Properties & Tenants > Show Property List and edit. Unfortunately, I put in a new tag for it and did a CTRL-H to change all 1073 transactions with old tag to new one. It took a hell of a long time and never received confirmation. I hit DONE, the graphics pages were all over the place, seeing through other pages, etc. and app became non-responsive. I gave it another half hour, then manually killed the app. Restarting showed all transaction tags changed and looked ok.

What could have caused this and how to I restore my 322 entries? CTRL-H can't access the "TYPE" fields to change. I have used file validation and repair that reported "Minor problems with Tags corrected", but the mileage report still shows "Business".


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    I recommend you restore your Quicken data file from a Manual or Automatic Backup taken prior to the time you made this change, if necessary going back to older backups until you find a file that does not exhibit these symptoms.

    Rental tags are assigned within the Rental feature, Business tags are assigned within the Manage Business Information dialog for Schedule C businesses and tags associated with other transactions are managed in Tools / Tag List. AFAIK, they are independent of each other and not interchangeable.
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