Why don't some transactions import?

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The credit card account in question normally imports all transactions normally. The transactions for August 2021 did not. I have downloaded the QFX file for that month the programs looks like it is importing them but they do not show up. Any ideas? I hate to manually enter them, there are several hundred.


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    There is a known open issue on this: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7905187/ongoing-2-1-22-qfx-web-connect-files-not-importing#latest

    Here's a (albeit time consuming) workaround:

    1. Create a new Quicken file (menu File > New) and choose start from scratch
    2. Name it something unique (e.g., Transfer File)
    3. (optional) move the file to your Desktop to easily find for deletion later (menu File > Move To)
    4. Create a new account for the troublesome bank. Name it something different than your existing file's account. 
    5. Download the missing transactions from your bank's website in a QFX file. Import this QFX file into this new account in the new Quicken file.
    6. When you have all the transaction there, export to QXF (menu File > Export > Quicken Transfer File (QXF)
    7. Open your regular file (menu File > Open Recent)
    8. Import the QXF (menu File > Import > Quicken Windows File (QXF)
    9. Now, with the new account in the regular file, select all the transactions.
    10. Drag and drop all transactions to the existing account.
    11. Delete the now-empty new account.
    12. Delete the new file you created.
    (Note that QXF in steps 6 and 8 is a Quicken Transfer File, which is different than QFX.)

    You may be able to simplify the above by deactivating the original account, let the QFX import into a new account and copy the transactions over to the old account all in the existing file. That has worked for some folks but not for others.

    Always make a backup of your file before starting any process like this.
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