Capital One Deactivate Reactivate Solutions

I recently had to deactivate my account because I changed user name and passwords. After deactivating, reactivation resulted in no downloads and the error: "Sorry. We encountered an error.." (no error number). I logged into Capital One via browser, went to Security, Deactivated Quicken. (Log out and log back into Capital One to make sure this worked.) It seems Capital One isn't fully recognizing the deactivation! I went into Quicken, Accounts, General and removed Financial Institution and renamed the account. When reactivating, do NOT click on Capital One, click on Capital One 360 Icon! Go through new account setup and link to the existing account. Capital One help desk has a monkey answering it. They don't know what Quicken is, how it works. Literally one of the dumbest humans I have ever spoken to. [Removed-Violation of Community Guidelines] You're welcome!
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