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I've recently encountered this error message (see below) when trying to download data from one of my financial institutions - though it references CITI Bank/CITI Cards, various messages related to original posting indicates error message also occurred with other financial institutions (including Capital One). When I read about it online, I discovered it was initially reported/discovered last September 2021 and yet, to date, nothing has been fixed. The latest posting on February 10, 2022 indicates there is no ETA on when it will be remedied. Though the Error Message referenced in original posting is CC 502, it's the same error. Any ideas?

"We are investigating reports of some users receiving a CC-502/102 error when attempting to add/update accounts with Citi Bank/Citi Cards.

This error is intermittent and may occur more frequently early in the mornings. While we are working to resolve this issue, if the error is received, we recommend trying again later in the day.

To be automatically notified as updates and/or a resolution become available, please 'bookmark' this alert by clicking the bookmark icon in the upper right.

Thank you!"

(Ticket #8758877)


  • I have been trying to connect for the last 2 weeks at various times and still get the same message when I try to download bank info from CapitalOne. The bank sends an email confirming the link. This error message is getting me "intermittently" irritated!
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    Just received a message from Quicken - claims issue has been resolved. NOT SO!
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