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Hi! I'm using the windows subscription version of Quicken.

I've been using a single asset class for my securities. I figured to get more accurate asset class data I would check the "download asset class information" checkbox.

For Enbridge, (TSE:ENB) the update put the stock under the money market asset class.

This seems incorrect, so I am hesitant to change all my securities to download the asset class.

Maybe I am misunderstanding this feature ? Is there a way to validate this information ?


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    Out of curiosity, are you using the Canadian version of Quicken?  I don't have ENB anymore but it is still in my security list.  Here is what it shows for me:

    You are showing it from the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Mine comes from the NYSE.  I also downloaded the asset class information.  If you have it from the TSE then it probably should be something like Large Cap Stock.  Money Market is definitely wrong.

    Another question is whether you have customized your asset classes.  If so, is it using a customized asset class?  Just a thought.

  • Hi! Yes I use the canadian version. I do not use custom asset classes. I have tried RY and BCE, same result they go to money market.

    I will try with a new quicken file and see what happens.
  • I have created a new quicken file and added ENB, BCE as securities from TSE. The asset class is money market. I should probably open a support ticket :)
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    Agreed.  Sounds like an issue with the quote provider for the Canadian version. 
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