Synchrony Bank Savings Account

Today, 2/15, I seemed to have lost my connection with Synchrony Bank. Up until today there have been no problems connecting and downloading from Synchrony. Now I get this message when I try to update (see attached image.png file)

I ran the "Fix it now" option and Quicken takes me through the account set up process - enter username and password and then click "Connect". Quicken attempts to make the connection and returns the "We found the following accounts" window with the Account is listed, Type is good, Nickname in Quicken is good but Action is locked in with "Don't add to Quicken". After clicking on Next the set up account window goes away and the Synchrony Savings account in my accounts list remains with a crossed out circle next to it.

I've thought about deleting the account and starting over but then what happens to all the entries in the accounts that I transfer funds from into the Synchrony account?

Any help with this issue will be appriicated.
B) Danny
QW Subscription, R38.30, Windows 10 Home


  • DannyB52
    DannyB52 Member ✭✭
    Today I disconnected and deleted my login info for Synchrony Bank Savings account. Then I went through the online connection process and on the second try was able to reestablish my connection to Synchrony Bank and update my account.
    B) Danny
    QW Subscription, R38.30, Windows 10 Home
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