Budget Data Deleted when Syncing

very frustrating, almost weekly my budget data keeps getting deleted whenever the quicken program reaches out to the web. i have to backup everytime i add entries. i have tried using on an older computer and it seems to happen much less frequently. I am using windows 10. why can't this be fixed? i have been a quicken user since the DOS versions and support has told me to validate and super validate my files and i do. it doesn't seem to make a difference. i deleted all of my other budgets so now i only have one budget that has many years in it. they also have told me that my file has too much data in it. I think quicken needs to make a product that can handle a lot of data. my qfile is 387mb


  • originalDOSuserKD
    i notice when i look at menu bar, if the planning section changes to "Plan" from some screens, i am more than likely going to have a problem keeping my budgets
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