How can I get the correct security used in the "Update Selected Online Account"?

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Scenario: In an investment account that I update monthly from the brokerage (Accounts tab: Update Selected Online Accounts), one security's dividend transaction comes in matching to the wrong security in the Securities list. The security that is being picked up from the Securities list is NOT active in any of the investment accounts (i.e., "Currently Held" is NOT checked for it); the security that should be used is check-marked.

This causes issues for the reconciliation: Quicken adds a 'dummy' starter transaction (for the 'buy' of the stock, for a date back in the 90s) to account for this stock paying the dividend in the current month. The quantity of the stock is now doubled up in the Portfolio view: xxx shares of the 'right' security and xxx shares of the 'wrong' security (from the dummy buy entry).

Now that I know what the issue is, the fix isn't difficult (delete the transaction from the 90s and change the name in the current-month dividend transaction).

But I would prefer to have Quicken bring in the data correctly in the first place.

This is actually happening in all 3 investment accounts, for this security, so it's not something particular to a brokerage's way of encoding the data.

The two securities (the 'right' one and the 'wrong' one) do match on the beginning of the name but NOT on the security symbol. The 'wrong' name that's being used is NOT what the brokerage statement name is. IAC, I would have thought that Quicken would be using the symbol when it does the import. I have updated the Securities list to give a 'wonky' symbol to the wrong/old security but the monthly update continues to match with the wrong security.

I don't want to delete the 'wrong' security from the Securities list because it was owned a decade or so ago and I don't want to mess with the old history.

Any ideas on how I can get Quicken to match to the correct security when it brings in the transaction data each month?
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