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Are Current Day Transactions Not Downloading?

For the past month or so when I go to update, for several banks that I have linked the current day transactions do not download. The online balance is correct, but if there are transactions for that day (for example if I download today: 2/16/2022 and there are transactions that are cleared on 2/16/2022) they don't show up to be reconciled so I always have to either manually reconcile them and then they show up as duplicates on a future date when I do a One Step Update since I had to manually reconcile them.

I know this is a new issue as I've never had this happen before with my banks and I haven't changed banks. I can also log into the bank's website or mobile app and see that the ones that are not downloading are the ones for the same day that I'm doing the update.


  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    AFAIK, this depends on how your accounts are connected to the bank.
    "Direct connect" connected accounts may show today's transactions which were posted to your accounts just prior to OSU.
    "Express Web Connect" connected accounts typically have a delay of one or two days before new transactions become available for download. It depends on when the bank posts transactions and the timing of when the Quicken servers access the banks on your behalf and download posted transactions. However, an ATM cash withdrawal I made at my local Credit Union's ATM just a few minutes ago may already show up in the just completed OSU. The CU is Express Web connected. IOW, it depends ...
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