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I recently tried to update my records for the first time in in several years, but had a problem with graphics on form (I had used this organizer many times over the years without problem). Although the entry fields were useable the corresponding labels were barely legible black characters on a very dark grey field. Since I have recently switched to Windows 11 I an wondering if there is a problem with "Emergency Records Organizer" software. Since my info. was retained I was able to input changes, but something is wrong with this form.


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    I'm not sure what is causing your issue.  I just got a new laptop with Windows 11 about two weeks ago.  I also used ERO in the past but hadn't in several years.  With your post I installed it and it seems to work just fine.  The data that I had was there and everything looked fine (black text on medium gray).  Here is a picture of a screen (with no data) from my setup which looks fine to me:

    So, bottom line is I don't think it relates to Windows 11 or that there is an issue with ERO.  Maybe there is something with your display.  Have you changed any display settings?  Mine is pretty much "out of the box" at this point.
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    Thanks bmciance for your post. Your screen shot of the ERO is what I remember it should be so my problem isn't a conflict between Windows 11 and the ERO app. Although I had checked my windows display settings I think I need to check again. I've been using Quicken for almost 20 years and this is a first.
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