Quicken hangs during backup

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I use Quicken For Windows (latest version R38.30). Most of the time when I backup my data file to a flash drive, during the process the screen freezes for a moment, then goes full screen, then goes to a black screen complete with the spinning blue circle with a rectangular white box in the middle showing it's backing up the data file. This suspended state can last up to several minutes. When I click anywhere on the screen, it then changes back to a white screen, usually with a box saying Quicken Windows has stopped responding with the option to close the program (of course with the warning that I may lose my data this way) or wait to see if the program responds. Eventually, the backup completes. Sometimes, but not often, the file backs up almost instantly. I back up two data files daily, one 116,528 kb in size, the other 7296 kb and this protracted backup can happen to either one. What's happening here and is there a solution to this annoying behavior?


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    Quicken backup is incomprehensibly slow. I continue to wonder what it's doing (other than obviously usurping the process event loop). The good news is you don't have to use it. You can simply copy your data file in Windows outside of Quicken and it will take a fraction of the time.

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    That's a good idea Rocket. Which gave me another idea. Rather than opening the File dropdown and then clicking Copy or Backup File and sending the backup to a flash drive on a daily basis (this is the process that generally takes forever) I instead went to Preferences under the Edit dropdown, went to Backup, and changed my Backup Preferences. I checked the Automatic Backup instructing the program to automatically save a copy of my data file after running Quicken one time and the Maximum number of backup copies as one, pointing the backup to my flash drive path. So now, every time I close Quicken at the end of the day, my data files are saved to my flash drive and it's almost instantaneous.
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