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I'm on the most current (or maybe not quite) version of Quicken - R38.29. Some time in the last six to 12 months, Quicken changed how the Accounts, Securities, Payees and Tags customization dialogues work. There is now a pair of radio buttons upfront asking whether you want to All Accounts, Securities, etc OR Selected Accounts, Securities, etc.

What is the purpose of this? If I've clicked on one of these tabs, of course I want to select specific Accounts, etc. Why would I go to one of these tabs if I wanted to choose All? This seems like a needless extra step.

Any ideas?


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    The thought is that by selecting the "Include all..." button you ALWAYS want all of the item selected so that whenever a new one is created it will be included automatically.  Prior to adding this, when you added a new item it was not necessarily added automatically.

    That all said, I have noticed that this button, at least in my data file, does not necessarily include new items automatically.  Due to this I generally do not select this button. 
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    Thank you. I guess that rationale makes sense. Seems like it would make more sense for Quicken to have put that question somewhere else in the flow. I run quick, one-off reports all the time and save about four reports a year. And I bet that is pretty typical behavior. So, having that selection question pop up every time I want to run a report for a specific something is a pain. They could have put the prompt when you SAVE the report.

    Maybe Quicken will look at this post and think about a change to the flow. Or... maybe I'm the only person who thinks the current flow is annoying.
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