print check from an account that does not have checkwriting feature

May I print a check from Quicken from an account at a brokerage firm that does not have the Checkwriting feature? In other words, the firm has an aba number and the account has an account number, but I have not actually applied for checkwriting on the account. Similar to this, for example, may i print a quicken check from a UGMA account that does not have checkwriting? Wondering if the financial institution will pay the check. Thx.


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    Quicken Mac doesn't print the entire check, it only prints the payee, date, and amount on a pre-printed check. (When I used Quicken Windows back in the 90's I did use it to print checks & I think it was the same.) In particular, it does not print the account number, routing number, or check number. So you still would have to have checks printed up by a check printing firm. 

    And even if Quicken did print the entire check, what do you think your bank is going to do when it receives it? I think at best you're going to wind up paying a bounced check fee; at worst, you could be on the uncomfortable end of an investigation for fraud. Your bank might assume you know you can't write checks on the account so somebody else must be fraudulently doing it instead, and act accordingly.

    This just has "bad idea" written all over it. If you want to write checks, get an account where you're allowed to write checks.

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  • ok - what you say makes sense. thanks.
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