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Using the customize toolbar, I use select ‘use a specific memorized payee’ and add it to the toolbar. After adding it correctly and testing it to see if it works, I can then use it in the register. However, for no apparent reason when I select it from the toolbar to use it again, I get a message ‘Transaction no longer available. Would you like to redefine this icon?’. I can redefine so it works again then after exiting Quicken, I get the same message. I use Windows 10, latest version of Quicken starter.


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    Having used Quicken for many years, I must admit that I've never used this Toolbar function to 'use a specific memorized payee'.
    I can only guess that the pointer from the Toolbar to the MPL entry somehow gets lost ... perhaps the MPL entry must be marked as "locked" so it doesn't get changed when you enter the next transaction ... but the exact cause is something for a Quicken Support person to research.
    Instead of the Toolbar entry, I find it easier to just simply start a new register transaction and, in the Payee field, begin typing the payee name. Select the desired memorized entry from the popup and finish filling out the transaction.
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    Thanks for the info.
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