erroneous price data for QYLD and RYLD

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the downloaded data for the securities with ticker symbols QYLD and RYLD seem to be incorrect. The latest closing prices are incorrect (compared with various other quote sources), and the high, low, and volume data have been zero every other trading day since July 2021. is anyone else seeing this issue? I've tried reloading price/history data with no effect. And, manually correcting the data on my windows quicken version and then synching with cloud does not result in the corrected data showing up on the cloud version. suggestions?


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    Hmmm...yes.  I am seeing this.  However, I am not sure about the latest closing price.  Per Yahoo finance the prices are correct but per my Fidelity account they are not.  What I suspect in this case is that because the ex-date is tomorrow Fidelity has lowered the prices by the amount of the dividend (I don't see the announcement of the actual dividend yet but per the Global-x web site the ex-date is tomorrow.  I think Fidelity is just using the .203 for QYLD and .2232 for RYLD from last month at this point)

    As for the price history, that is strange.  I thought the prices were good at one point.  I wonder if something in the pricing service is changing the prior prices.  Funny how it is every other day.

    I don't use cloud so I can't comment on that issue.  
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