What to do with the entries in my savings accounts from Savings Goals contributions?

Recently started using the Budgeting tool in Quicken. To use it effectively I also started using Savings Goals. Using Savings Goals led me to learn about showing or hiding the contributions in my saving account registers from which I make Savings Goals contributions. I have decided to show the withdrawals in my savings accounts so I can make sure all saved $ are attributed to a goal (I know the money is still there until I actually spend it). Now, the question: What do I do about the entries in my registers as far as "reconciling" those accounts?

1. I know that when I do an actual "Reconcile" after downloading my bank data into Quicken and have no problem with that.
2. Do I mark the Savings Goals "withdrawals" cleared/reconciled or leave them uncleared/unreconciled?
3. Does it matter?
B) Danny
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  • GeoffG
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    I would recommend leaving them as is. By default, Savings Goal entries do not get reconciled and show as such in the register. When you go to close a SG, you will be presented with the option to leave the entries or remove from the register. I've used both methods and have found removing once closed to be a cleaner option.
  • DannyB52
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    Thanks, GeoffG! That's what I figured after fiddling around with my savings account register. It's just that looking at the account register and seeing all those unreconciled entries creates just the slightest bit of anxiety due to my very minor but ever present OCD (what my kids used to chide me about with "Stop being so anal, dad!"
    B) Danny
    QW Subscription, R38.30, Windows 10 Home
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