Where is the "easy answer" report?

Robert Q
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I used "easy answer" reports in Quicken for Windows like "how much did I spend on" etc but I can't find such an option in Quicken Deluxe for Mac. Any help? Thanks.


  • Jon
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    You could use a Category Summary report to get something like that. The default reports include all categories but you could customize one to be for whatever category you like, it just takes a bit more work on your part.
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  • RickO
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    With all due deference to @Jon, I'd recommend against using the Category Summary report. This report is a legacy carryover from older versions of the program and is known to manifest inaccuracies. Instead, I'd recommend using the Transactions by Category report, which in addition to being accurate, also provide more flexibility for customization of columns included, column order, etc.

    I'm not familiar with Easy Answer in QWin, but another QMac lesser known feature you may want to use is to right-click on any transaction in a register. In the middle of the popup menu, you will find items Report on (payee) and Report on (category), where the Payee and Category are those of that transaction. This is a quick way to generate a customized transaction report without even going to the Reports menu.

    Any of these reports that you generate can be saved in My Reports with all of it's customizations memorized so that you don't have to recreate them in the future.
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  • Jon
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    @RickO is correct, I should have been more specific. The "Category Summary" report (with the gray icon)  is old & shouldn't be used anymore. But the other ones with the green icons, like Category Summary By Month, use the new report engine & should work OK. 
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