Missing transactions when updating PNC credit card; non-duplicate discarded as duplicate?

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Under very specific circumstances, PNC or Quicken drops a transaction when updating credit card transactions. If I have two charges on the same day from the same vendor, one does not show up in Express Web update, even days later. This has happened with Safeway and with Amazon. When I go to PNC on-line banking, the transactions are shown as present; but one of the two is never seen by Quicken updating via EWC. Because my on-line account shows both transactions in each case, I assume Quicken is treating one transaction as a duplicate; but the problem still could be in PNC's interaction with EWC.

I have two PNC credit cards using EWC and one checking account (which updates separately of course) using Direct Connect. My PC is using Win10 with all updates and Quicken is R38.30 (though earlier releases might have been still installed when these things happened).


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    While not desirable, this is and probably will always be with EWC. I experience the same issue with a few of my repeat payees from PNC. They are not skipped by Quicken, they never make it to the download file by the aggregator (intuit). Your choice is to manually enter or choose another CC provider using DC.
    This has been an issue with EWC for years and don't see any reason for hope anytime soon. You can report the issue until you are blue, it still does not seem to get addressed.
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