Quicken shows BMO Chequing account as Credit account, balance is negative

vison511 Member
I have BMO chequing account connect to Quicken. But it shows the balance as negative value. It seems like Quicken recognize it as a line of credit or credit card. Does anybody know if it is a known bug? Thanks


  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited February 2022
    Is the account type set correctly? Click on the Settings button in the lower right corner of the account register; what is the Type setting? If it is set to "Credit Card" instead of "Checking" you should be able to change it.

    If that isn't the problem, are the individual transactions being displayed correctly, with checks & ATM withdrawals as negative values & deposits as positive values? In other words, is it just the balance that's has the opposite sign or are all the values opposite?
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