Chase CC's payments not downloaded

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This is have been an issue for months now, since the new bill payment from Quicken. Been that has be very spotty using Bill Payment I decided to use Chase for paying my bill and don't use quicken to initiate any payment. So ALL payments I do directly at Chase and they work perfect and when I do an Update on Quicken at my Chase account all payments and downloaded at the register ALL except ALL CC belonging to chase, meaning ALL payments I do for a Chase account in Chase are payed fine at Chase however NONE of them are downloaded to Quicken and I have to enter manually into my Chase account Register.

This is total absurd and I question why do I need Quicken if the Payments done directly at chase to a chase CC are not downloaded, I have reported this many times and NOTHING!

Does anyone has the same problem or is there a fix or what? Every other payment as of now shows up and downloads to my register fine but no CC payments of Chase CC's


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    Please try this:
    • Go into Edit Account Details for your credit card account.
    • Select the Online Services tab.
    • Toggle the "Automatic entry is: [On or Off]" setting to Off if it's On or vice versa.
      Now run a One Step Update or, from the account register's Action gear icon, run "Update Now" just for this account.
    • Review the results. Did transaction download now? Sometimes they get stuck in limbo.
    • Toggle the "Automatic entry is: [On or Off]" setting once more, back to its original setting.
    • Tomorrow or whenever you get new transactions for this account, run OSU as normal. There may be a delay of up to 2 days for new transactions to appear in a download.

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