Quicken 'All Transactions' pane no longer shows Total Net Worth.

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I’ve just moved my Quicken for Windows data files to a new computer and re-downloaded the Quicken application. Now I notice that ‘All Transactions’ pane no longer shows Total Net Worth as the bottom total. Account amounts seem to be correct, each category of accounts (Banking, Investing, Property & Dept) shows a total amount, but the category amounts are not totaled to a Total Net Worth amount at the bottom. This problem occurs on two separate Quicken data files. I’ve done file validation and repair on both data files but that does not fix the problem.

I’ve been searching the Quicken support site and support community but I don’t see anybody else reporting this issue. Anybody have any ideas? Is this a bug in a recent Quicken update? Is there a setting somewhere that got mixed up during the transition?


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    Hi  @Jim7 "

    Just to make sure - I believe that when you refer to the - 'All Transactions' pane - that you may be actually talking about the "Account Bar" which is a vertical column that appears on the Home Page on either the far left or far right of the screen.  Is that correct?

    If so, I also believe that instead of the "Net Worth" you probably have "Ending Balance" at the bottom.  This is a setting that may have been inadvertently changed but it is easy to fix:

    1) Go to "Tools" > "Account List";
    2) At the bottom of the pop-up Window - Click on the "Options" button;
    3) Near the top of the small pop-up window click on the text - "Show New Worth in Account Bar" > then click the "Done" button.

    That should fix it.

    Let me know if you have any followups and how it goes.


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    Thanks for the reply & thanks for the tip about the option in Tools > Account List.

    You're right - I was asking about the 'All Transactions' / 'Account Bar'. It turns out it was a screen resolution problem. Apparently the full presentation of Quicken Window was not quite fitting on the new computer with a different screen resolution, so the 'Net Worth' box was not presenting. I was able to tweak and maximize the Quicken display screen to make the 'Net Worth' box show up again at the bottom.

    Ah - the joys of hardware / software upgrades...
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