How can I prevent Quicken from downloading all connected accounts at once?

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I have set up ONE of my accounts as "direct connect". However, whenever I select that account and choose the menu item "update selected online account" (notice the SINGULAR), Quicken starts trying to contact ALL my financial institutions at once and downloading files from all of them. Sometimes it fails (because I didn't set it up that way), and in any case, the effect is confusion. Unfortunately, it now ALSO does this if I simply download a statement from ONE of my financial institutions in Quicken format and then drag that statement over the account belonging to it on the Quicken Window. WHY? If I download ONE statement, then I want to update THAT account - not all the others at the same time. Any idea how I can stop this hyperactivity?


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    Two things to be aware of:
    1. When you download a single Direct Connect account, all Direct Connect accounts at that same Financial Institution will download at the same time.
    2. When you download a single Quicken Connect account, all Quicken Connect accounts at all Financial Institutions will download at the same time.
    This a product of the nature of those connections and cannot be changed. To my knowledge, manually importing a single QFX file should only affect that one account.

    If you are experiencing something beyond the above, you should probably contact Quicken Support: so they can screen share to observe what's happening.

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