Setting up GM Card at Marcus

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I am trying to add a new account for my GM Card after the transfer to Marcus. After I set it up I saw that Quicken designated it as a checking account. I how I get Quicken to recognize it as a credit card?


  • mvwabc
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    Not sure how you could have set up the account.  I have not been able to connect.  See discussion at Marcus Goldman Sachs - Page 2 — Quicken .
  • Charles Hadlock
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    The same thing happened when I tried to switch from the old GM Card to Marcus. It put it in Banking instead of Credit Cards...and it doesn't download anything. I won't be using the new card until Marcus Goldman Sachs fixes this.

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  • spratleywa
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    Was able to add my Marcus CD savings accounts, but Quicken doesn't see my Marcus (formerly Capital One GM Card) credit card account which has the same login credentials.
  • mlhill527
    mlhill527 Member ✭✭
    Saw this on the Marcus by Goldman Sachs website today (3/20/22)

    How do I export transaction details into Quicken?
    We don't currently have integration with Quicken, but are working diligently to bring this functionality to you soon!
  • scwerden
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    Marcus, Quicken, Goldman Sacks: I just got a confirmation from Marcus that there is currently no way to interact with Quicken, And there is no way to download statement date in any format for Quicken or Excel or Numbers "Future Request" they say.
  • BarbBaron
    BarbBaron Member
    Are they trying to connect with Quicken with the GM card people and if they do will all the previous months be able to be transferred to our Quicken account. Is there another account that gives you GM rewards I know that PNC Bank easily goes to Quicken account.
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