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I am wondering as part of the Home and BUSINESS there is not a way to generate a "Sales Tax Payable" report??? Am I missing it? I need to figure out how much I owe for quarterly Sales & Use tax and even though I ask it to be on a cash basis - I can't find a report that will tell me what I need and it doesn't list the items in my 'Sales Tax' account as they are paid (which would be cash basis to my understanding) but by when the invoice was entered! Very frustrated!!!


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    Sales Tax charged to Customer Invoices usually goes into an account named "*Sales Tax*".
    This account may be hidden when you originally created it. Go into Tools / Manage hidden accounts and remove the "Hide" checkmark to make the account appear in the Account Bar.
    To view how much Sales Tax you have collected or to print a Transaction Report just access the account register. While the register is open, to print a report press CTRL-P or select File / Print *Sales Tax*.
    When making payment of the Sales Tax due, categorize this transaction as a Transfer from the *Sales Tax* account. This will reduce the amount due in the register.
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    I have the Sales Tax account all set up and that is fine. I pay my Sales & Use tax quarterly and I pay it based on what I have received during that time - not what/when it was invoiced which is how it shows up in that report.
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