..unexpected error occurred...Quicken must now quit.

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After the most recent software update to Quicken for Mac, I'm getting a pop-up message box saying, "An unexpected error occurred while trying to read from "Finances.quicken".
"Quicken must now quit. Relaunch Quicken to open the file again......"

I'm getting this message on my macbook about 30 seconds after Quicken is up and running.

My spouses computer uses this same quicken file stored in the cloud to run Quicken on his macbook, which is not getting this error. We are both running the same macOS version (different chip architecture - intel vs arm(M1) ) This was **never** a problem before until this latest quicken software update.

This latest quicken software patch most definitely broke something in the code. Please help.


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    todea said:
    My spouses computer uses this same quicken file stored in the cloud to run Quicken on his MacBook
    Don't do this, it causes problems like the one you're seeing now. Something about the way Quicken updates the file interacts with the syncing software for the cloud service and you wind up with a corrupted file. This isn't a new issue, people have been having these sorts of problems for years.

    It's fine to use the cloud service to store a backup copy of the file, but the file you open in Quicken should be local only.
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    If you really need to access the same file from different machines, you basically have two options:
    1. Store a backup of the file in the cloud, then restore the backup on whichever machine needs to update the file. Then save another backup. It would be up to you to arrange a procedure to make sure you are not both working on the restored file at the same time and to make sure the cloud stored backup is always the most current.
    2. Keep the local file on one computer and then use remote access software to log into the primary computer remotely and work with Quicken via that machine.

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    Thank you for your comments.
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