How to downgrade to older version of Quicken Mac

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I installed version 6.6 and it messed up 20+ years of data. It's a mess. I've read that some people have gone back to a more stable version. I think 6.4.5. However, I can't find how to download an older version. Can anyone help? I just can't believe how messed up this is. I've already turned off Quicken Cloud, as I've read that is part of the problem.


  • RickO
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    If you have not emptied the trash, you'll find a copy of the previous Quicken app in the Trash Can. You can copy it back to the Applications folder, overwriting the more recent version. You can find a backup of your data file from just before the update at Hard Drive > Users > (your username) > Library > Application Support > Quicken > Backups
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