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I am running Windows 10 latest update and Quicken starter with latest update.  Problem... using  ‘customize toolbar’ I add 'use a specific memorized payee' to the toolbar.  When I select the icon from the toolbar, it works by adding the payee to the account register.  But, after running ‘one step update’ successfully and then select one the specific memorized payee icons from the toolbar, I always get the message ‘transaction no longer available. would you like to redefine this icon?’  It then works after redefining it, but when I run ‘one step update again, I will get the same message problem.


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    Hi @mootz,

    I believe what you are seeing is normal behavior for Quicken. 

    You probably know this, but if not, when you get that pop-up saying "would you like to redefine this icon" and you click Yes, it will simply change the data in the memorized payee entry to match that last transaction. If you say No, it will close the window and not change anything, but that means you won't be able to use that shortcut again, without agreeing to the change.  If you are like most folks who use memorized payees, it probably shouldn't present a problem to simply allow Quicken to redefine this type of icon - because the change(s) that will be made will reflect data from the most recent payment.

    Memorized payees work well for bills that users pay regularly - like utility bills, rent/mortgage payments, etc.  But did you know that there is no real need to setup an icon for each transaction that you want remembered? If you simply make sure that your settings for "Data Entry and Quickfill" indicate "Automatically memorize new payees" Quicken will do that.  And you won't need an icon on the toolbar, because when you start to enter a transaction in a register and use that memorized payee name in the payee field, Quicken will automatically enter the rest of the data fields using the information from the last entry you made for that payee.

    Hope this helps.


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