Is it possible to manually enter or adjust an incorrect Posted date?

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Occasionally Quicken misses a cleared check, or for some reason enters the wrong cleared date. This most often happens when there are several checks for the same dollar amount. For example, a check that was written on 2/2/22 cleared on 3/4/22 but for some reason Quicken entered 2/4/22 (the Printed Date remained correct as 2/2). I don't understand why because 4 other checks also cleared that day and all of them have the 3/4 Posted date. 

For checks that clear at the bank but aren't picked up by Quicken I manually set the status to cleared, but I don't know if it is possible to enter the correct date in the "Posted" column.

I make a note of the correct date in the Memo field, but it would be nice to correct in the Posted column. 


  • RickO
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    You cannot change the Posted Date since this is transmitted by the bank.

    But I have a question: are you downloading and auto-matching to manually entered transactions? What might be happening is that the downloaded transaction is being matched to the wrong transaction with the same amount. When this happens, you can fix it by right clicking on the matched transaction and selecting Reject Automatic Transaction Match. Then match the downloaded transaction to the correct manual transaction by dragging and dropping one atop the other.
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    RickO. Yes, downloading and auto-matching to manually entered transactions.

    Your tip for Reject Automatic Transaction Match will definitely allow fixing some (maybe all) of these. I've already manually adjusted the one from today, but next time it happens I will do this and see more clearly if I can drag the correct transaction over the downloaded one. Thanks!
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