How can I run a one report for multiple credit card accounts with different opening closing dates?

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I have multiple credit card accounts that I want to keep track of by their different open close dates for their current statement month. I do this in order to understand what I have to pay out at the end of the month.
As an example one account runs from 8/16-9/15 and I pay that on 10/1. I have another account that runs from 8/4-9/4 and I also pay that on 10/1. I would like to track both of these accounts by their opening and closing dates so I only see activity for the specific statement periods in the one report. Thanks


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    I don't know of a way to do that. There's just one date range for a report & it applies to all the transactions included in that report. I think you're going to have to set up individual reports for each account.

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    As Jon says, there's not a way to include multiple date ranges for different accounts in one report. The only thing I can suggest is to save separate reports for each card. If you really want to see them together, you could export each report in CSV format and merge them together in Excel or Numbers.
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